Introducing our first post in a series we’re going to call Saturday Song Lyrics!  As many people probably do, we often find ourselves applying the lyrlcs of a song to something in our lives.  We thought we would share lyrics that have uplifted us, encouraged us, challenged us, or taught us something.

Today’s lyrics come from the song, ‘Rest Easy’ by one of my favorite old school Christian groups, Audio Adrenaline.  I have it on the “cool down” section of a workout playlist.  (In my defense, I put it there mostly because of its tempo.  Still, I recognize that it’s a rather cheesy title to have in a cool down playlist.)  When I was listening to it a few days ago, I was reminded of how much I try to control in my life and how afraid I am to do the proverbial (but true), “Let go and let God.”  Here’s a section that especially spoke to me.

Rest Easy

I am such a sinner, I fear my evil ways

I fear my imperfection, I fear my final days

I just want to take control and snap this rusty chain,

Drop my heavy burden, it seems to be in vain.

Rest easy, have no fear

I love you perfectly and love drives out fear

I’ll take your burden

You take My grace

Rest easy in My embrace.