Before we started this blog, I used to find myself noticing things in my life that have changed since I got married.  In my head, I would kind of tweet the thought to myself (dorky, I know) and add the hash tag “marriagechangesyou.”  When Leigh and I were brainstorming ideas for a fun regular feature, I thought that this subject would probably have plenty of entertaining material, as well as opportunity for meaningful reflection.  Here goes the first installment of Monday Marriage Musings!

I have always feared/hated spiders.  When we got married, my husband, Anthony, often took my concerns to heart by making sure to dispose of the fearsome creatures when I was particularly upset.  Sometimes though, he would refuse, insisting that the spiders were helping us by eating other bugs (my response?  “SO WHAT.  It is a spider.  In my house.  Get it out.”).

Apparently his philosophy has started to sink in, despite my great efforts to disagree with him.  When he was gone on a trip recently, I came across 2 spiders living in the upper corners above our front door.  My first reaction was to shudder and swallow a scream.  I started to plot their demise.  But then I stopped to think about it.  I realized that those two spiders were guarding my house from other icky things getting in.

So, I left them alone.  I even greeted them in the coming days as I entered the house.  A friend helped me name them (Charlotte and Peter, short for Peter Parker.  Brilliant!)  When Anthony got home, I introduced him to my guard spiders.  He remarked that Charlotte looked dead and Peter was on his way out.  I couldn’t believe it, but…I actually felt a little sad!  Who am I??  These are not adorable little puppies.  They are not beautiful flowers.  And yet, I felt bad for them and even silently apologized for ever considering smashing them with a shoe.

Yes, marriage changes you.