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My husband and I have been talking about looking for a Sunday evening church for some time now.  For the past year, we struggled to attend on Sunday mornings together because of travel and in particular because of a Sunday morning singing gig that Anthony had.  While he won’t be continuing that gig, we decided that Sunday evenings will still work better given his travel schedule.  So!  Tonight we’ll be trying out our first Sunday evening church service as we begin this search.  I’m hoping to blog about our experiences in “church shopping” so that I can truly reflect on each community that we visit.  Anthony made a great point in our Bible study this week when he asked for prayers that we wouldn’t simply be looking for a church that serves our needs.  We know that church is about so much more than that.

I have to admit, I still feel a little…unsteady about how this all will work out.  I plan to continue attending our Sunday morning church this year.  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church is where I was confirmed. It’s where I spent many a day in middle and high school.  Perhaps most importantly to me, it’s where I got married. It’s also where my parents still attend.  In the past 5 years I’ve been serving there in the music ministry in various capacities, which is one of the main reasons why I plan to stay there for the foreseeable time.  I’ve told the music minister (my “boss”) that I can definitely continue to serve while we’re looking for a church together and that I really don’t know what to expect as an outcome.  That’s the honest truth.  This is one of those times where I’m not sure what outcome will be, but I know that the Lord is calling me to follow.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t do well with that kind of calling (but that’s another post for another day…no, really, I’ve already started to draft it in my head).  I appreciate any prayers you can offer up: that I would be be trusting and patient in this unfamiliar territory; that I would be willing to keep my eyes and heart open and to not try to anxiously make decisions before it’s the right time time.

I did a quick search under the topic “guide” and found this amazingly perfect verse.  These will be words of comfort and purpose for me.  Thanks, God!

“In Your unfailing love You will lead

the people You have redeemed.

In Your strength You will guide them

to Your holy dwelling.”

Exodus 15:13