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Just because it’s Tuesday doesn’t mean I can’t call this a Monday Marriage Musings, right?  OkgoodcuzImgoingtoanyway…

Normally when I think of things to write about when it comes to marriage, I focus on the humorous stories that come out of my own (and trust me, there are plenty!).  Who doesn’t like hearing about the level of silliness that arguments discussions can get to with your spouse?  Married people are reassured that it’s not just them, unmarried people are fascinated and bewildered, and I get entertainment out of either response!

Today though, I just feel the need to say something serious–marriage is important.  Not only to me.  It’s important to you and the society we live in.  I realize that this is not a brilliant, earth-shattering, unique statement.  I also realize that some people might feel somewhat differently and I’m sure they have their reasons. Whatever the case, it seems to me that in our modern society there’s a strange dichotomy going on.  Celebrities make a mockery of marriage (and we then make a mockery of them), while family and churches and dating sites and whatever else put the pressure on that we find our soul-mate.  Not to mention that we even have a concept of a soul-mate who is supposed to fill every empty place in our hearts.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’m not here to preach to anyone and I’m not going to get into a huge discussion about the institution of marriage.  I also won’t pretend that I know the pain of divorce.  But I see how it affects people.  I teach children who can’t control their emotions.  I have friends whose relationships with many people are forever changed.  I have family members who continue to struggle with the consequences of divorce, even years later.

I recognize how blessed I am in my own marriage and I’m grateful for it.  Yes, Anthony and I bicker about how exactly one should dry knives or where things should go in the refrigerator.  Yes, we struggle with making time not just for each other but for the Lord.  But in all of that, we are learning how to serve each other and how to put another’s needs above our own, of how to truly love and how to accept love for yourself. The Lord in His Grace gives us each the patience and love that we need as we go through these lessons.  Believe me, neither of us would be able to put up with the other’s annoying habits quirks nearly as kindly if it weren’t for the work of Christ in us!

I guess I just want you to know that building up strong marriages is important and worthy of your effort, however that manifests itself.  If you’re single and waiting to meet someone, pray about it.  If you’re dating and trying to figure out what your next steps are, pray about it.  If you’re engaged and preparing for marriage, pray about it.  If you’re newly married and adjusting to your new life, pray about it.  If you’ve been married for a while and you’re facing difficulties or you’re experiencing new joys, pray about it.  I know that I need to spend a lot more time in prayer for how marriage affects me and my friends and family–will you join me?