I recently spent an entire work day sorting, adding formulas, and separating data in an Excel worksheet. When I came to an impasse and my brain no longer had enough energy to think it through, I went home expecting to solve the problem the next day. Only when I opened the document the next morning, I saw that several hours worth of work hadn’t saved.

My immediate reaction was a small dose of despair, and I thought about airing my first world misfortune on twitter. (Ultimately deciding as I often do that it wasn’t the sort of thing worth sharing.) But as I sighed and stared at the open document, I suddenly realized that by going back several steps from my previous day’s work I could now solve the problem that seemed impossible the night before. An event that could have been catastrophic at worst and begrudgingly inconvenient at best was actually an unexpected blessing!

I memorialized the event on a sticky note, the office-man’s version of Joshua’s 12 stones. Each time I glance at it I’m reminded that God can bring blessings from the most unexpected of places, even unsaved Excel documents.