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I will be the first to admit that I have done a pretty horrible job at posting to this blog.  Believe it or not, I’ve been writing drafts in my head for a long time of how I would make my excuses explain my absence to you.  In November (oh man….November?!), it was the obvious answer–the holidays.  In January, it was that I had started a new class for grad school.  In February and March it was probably grad school.  In April it would have been grad school, too.  In May I would have told you that it had been a crazy beginning to the end of the school year (which it was, really).  In June, I would have said that the crazy end to the school year continued and also, Anthony and I went to London (life is hard like that sometimes).  In July, it was going to be a combination of travel and 2 grad school classes.  I tell ya, it’s a rough life.

So now it’s practically August.  With August comes my birthday!  I know this isn’t really a popular sentiment among “adults” (I use that term loosely), but I love my birthday.  I like to think back to past birthdays and remember how I celebrated them.  I also like to look at the past year and reflect on how it went.  My favorite thing to do around my birthday though is to make goals for the upcoming year. I loooove to make goals.  They make me feel empowered, they make me feel invigorated, they make me feel hopeful. As time takes its usual toll though, my goals often get pushed to the side.  Before you know it, it’s New Year’s Day and I’m going through a similar process of reflection and planning.

This blog was is something I felt feel called to work on.  The timing of how it came about, the way that Leigh and I talked about it…I was am sure that this is something the Lord has for me.  Too often, I don’t pursue these kinds of convictions.  Too often I lose the discipline to keep up.  Discipline seems to be a Major Life Lesson for me.  I think that what I need in learning about discipline is accountability and maybe that’s why the Lord called me to this particular medium.  If you’re reading this, let me know!  And if you come back in a week and you don’t see anything, let me know about that, too.  I don’t want to fall behind when I know the Lord has given me the ability and the resources to keep up!