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Everything in its right place

In its right place
In its right place
In its right place
Right place

There’s something comforting about these repetitive lyrics. Something that sets my mind at ease. Something that orders the chaos. I really like order.

I recently moved and set up my new room: new paint, furniture, curtains, and new places for everything. Well, almost everything. You see, I have a life-long hidden pleasure, no matter where I live I maintain it: a junk drawer.

You fellow type As, and perhaps more orderly type Bs, know what I’m talking about. It’s the place where I put the things that don’t fit. The tidbits I’d be ashamed to display but aren’t sentimental enough for a keepsake box. The projects I’ve always meant to tackle but never get around to completing. Receipts I haven’t reconciled, the trumpet mouthpiece no one would buy from Craigslist, old sermon notes I want to meditate on someday.

The junk drawer is both a place of guilt (I really should do something about it) and of great relief (at least it’s out of sight!)

I have a mental junk drawer, too. A place in my thoughts where I leave the things I don’t want to deal with, don’t want to be reminded of, certainly don’t want to pray about. The old hurt I don’t want to forgive, the difficult decision I want to avoid, the sin I enjoyed and don’t want to repent of.

And yet it is in these very places where God’s grace meets me. It is before these things I want to keep locked in the dark that Jesus reminds me of the freedom that exists in the light. He doesn’t want me to come to him with folded sweaters and neat prayers that look nice and mean nothing. “My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise.” Psalm 51:17

So I’m learning to bring God my broken parts. And to trust that in his mercy he will set everything in its right place.

(Original by Radiohead, but I prefer the Sonos cover here.)