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For months parking on our street has been a constant annoyance. There is no zoned parking, which means that people park their cars for weeks at a time. Not to mention the cleaning service that leaves at least 4-6 cars on our block, taking spaces I feel ought to belong to us.

“Oh the heart takes what it wants…like dynamite.”

I decided to take action. At the advice of a coworker who assured me this must be against code, I planned to call Arlington police to ticket the cars. I even scheduled a time to call on my calendar. But then I prayed.

“To bend the will you first must change the heart.”

And as is often the case when I pray about a situation instead of acting out of my selfishness, God gave me a different perspective: For the people who own these cars and the women employed by this cleaning service, a $35 parking ticket is several hours worth of work. It’s money they don’t have, or that they’d probably otherwise spend caring for their families.

“Will we choose the noise of our desire, or the hope that makes no sound?”

So I didn’t call. I weighed my frustration and extra steps against God’s call to put others before ourselves and found myself in the wrong. Those extra steps don’t bother me anymore.

“Those who have ears, as the smoke clears, it will see things as they are.
To bend the will you first must change the heart…desire, desire, desire like dynamite.”


Italicized words are lyrics from Sandra McCracken’s song Desire Like Dynamite. You can download 3 songs free from Noisetrade or purchase the whole album. She also shares a description about this song’s meaning here.